My name is Leon Wright and I have been building homes since 1998. Before finishing high school, after returning from my MOS training in the reserves, I went to work in the construction field working for several contractors. Later I came to work for a very prominent Custom Home Builder in the Hale Plantation area of Gainesville. Much of what I learned there helped shape me into the contractor I am today and I can’t overstate the value to have that opportunity. I built my own house in 2003 and realized how there was a need for a Qualified Custom Home builder in the Tri- county area. I left my construction job and found myself like most other people, trying to get ready for my 1st child to be born while going to school (to become a contractor) and paying bills. I took a job as a Correctional Officer to supplement my income while I finished school. It was a very difficult time for my family and I. Only through discipline and hard work was I able to complete my schooling and sit to take my state licensing exam. I knew I wouldn’t get a second chance and studied hard. Long story short, I took home one of the Top Scores in the state passing the test on my first attempt, which is almost un-heard of in a two day ,9 hour each day, testing schedule. During this time I turned down two well paying job offers with commercial builders so I could pursue my dream of bringing Custom Built Homes to the good people of the Tri-County area.


I quit the prison job in 2005 and partnered with Mr. Vanderhayden, we began “Wright & Van Custom Homes”. I can still remember the first house we built like it was yesterday it wasn’t long ago I visited the owners, who still love their custom home.


I’ve seen good times and bad times in the building industry. Other contractors came and went but we remained, building home after home. In 2008 I had the option to buy out Mr. Vanderhayden and began to move the company in a direction more in line with my way of thinking. During this time of change, my wife thought of the catchy name “Built Wright”, “Built Wright Custom Homes” . Normally changing names is not something you want to do after being established in the community, especially in an economy that was unfriendly to contractors, but I felt that with the new attitude and vision it was necessary. Since then we have continued to rank #1 In permitted jobs of all the contractors in the area, also we have an A + rating from the BBB. I enjoy working for myself but most of all I enjoy the opportunity to work with you on your project.


I invite you to come and see me. Even if it's just to say hi, we look forward to meeting you.