Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to build per square foot?


Honestly I chuckle every time I hear this question, I don’t know where it came from or why its acceptable to have a quick answer….Let me explain most of the time the phone will ring and this is usually the first question some one asks, and they haven’t told me ANY thing about the home like what size how many baths what building materials, roofing materials or really anything about the home… almost like trying to find one set price to buy a new car….yeah not really a good approach. This might would be acceptable to ask if the builder offered a set floor plan with limited changes…We are not a track builder… Normally I tell everyone we need to get a plan (refer to the services page.) once we have a plan then I bid every thing out, this way will save you lots of money versus the price up front method. But some people need to know right now before they get involved or waste any time and some times we have a home similar to something your wanting that I can price you in a “ball park” or “if we’re throwing darts at the wall” kind of idea.


What do you build?


We will build anything you want to build. We enjoy different ideas and welcome yours as well.


How long does it take to build?


This is a tricky question and a lot of the time I try and explain it like this – the larger the home it is it will take more time, if its during the rainy season we will have rain delays. I know of several jobs with OVER 30 plus rain days if a hurricane shows up, that really dampens the schedule, holidays tend to slow the schedule down. Now I know these are not answers you want to hear, so I point to our track record, we have completed some homes in 3 months most take six months and larger homes can range from 8-12 months.


Which is better shingles or metal?


Here is a good question. I think there are many factors in answering this question but first let me point out the obvious. Metal cost more so you will save with shingles. Metal is almost twice the cost as shingles. Now there are benefits to metal 1st it is better energy efficient than shingles because it keeps the attic cooler by about 30 degrees this is helpful for the air conditioning system because its supply lines are typically in the attic. So you air condition doesn’t have to work as hard. There are a very few limited color shingles that offer energy saving like this Now from personal experience I see metal being some what geographical due to either “Grandpa” had a metal roof or as you get closer to the ocean you see more metal. Look around Gainesville Fl. And you don’t see many metal roofs not like you might see in the more rural areas. I have personally owned both and like both.


I’m thinking about building versus buying a mobile home.


I know this is a statement I here a lot and sometimes question #1 follows behind it. There is no competition with the price of a trailer and no matter how you look at there is no way you can compare the two. Now here is something that I hate to see when some one is thinking about a trailer they’re fine with fiber glass showers vinyl flooring and carpet with laminate counter tops, but when they look at building a house its no longer an option they now want tile floors granite and tile showers. There is nothing wrong in wanting these items but you end up pricing yourself out of the price range you wanted to be in when we could have bid it with a lot of the same items just better quality JFI.


Which is better? Frame, Block or what is ICF?


Well this is another good question, I’ve personally owned a block home and a wood framed home, my dream home is drawn up but its out of ICF. Now if you want the most economical route Framed is the way to go, Block is popular because of the longevity and easy of maintenance, block is deceiving in the fact that everyone believes block to be “stronger” this is not exactly true. Everyone who has messed with a brick or block has broke one, well imagine what happens in a storm when a block breaks they’re all stacked on one another….plywood or OSB can have a hole in it and it will still be structurally sound.


How can I save money in my home?


There are a number of ways to save money but a lot of the ways start with design from the beginning, you can save in kitchen design or on layout there are a number of ways we just need to see what you want to build.


You can also save money by asking your insurance agent. Click here for a short list they suggest.