Our Company

Built Wright

Built Wright Custom Homes is a Certified Registered Contractor in the State of Florida, Certified as Residential Construction.

Out License number is - CRC1328415

We have had our license since January 4, 2006 and will renew August 31, 2012.

We support our community through philanthropic efforts aimed at helping the youth in the community.  Some examples are the youth softball / baseball programs and purchasing livestock from members of the FFA.

We also help the community by supporting Helping Hands Apostolic Life Outreach (H.H.A.L.O.) who feed those in need throughout the Tri-County area.

We are dedicated to helping the Tri-County area residents through our business practices and philanthropic efforts.  We believe in building better communities for a brighter future.

Jesus has been so good to our company and family we just want to give him the praise and glory for all that he has done.  I know we're not perfect but we keep striving day by day for that ultimate goal. Please don't think we are trying to use our Father as a ploy, we just have a deep and sincere love for our Lord and Savior, as for me and my house.... We will serve the Lord.